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Sabbath 21th May 2016 – Sis. Clara Jarvis(Community Services Day)

Sabbath 1stNov 2014 – Ps Linford Morris(Ps at Downsview Church, Cda

Sabbath 7th May 2016 – Ps Kendell Doyle (Mother’s Day)

Sabbath 30th May 2015 Convention – Ps Orville Joseph

Sabbath 9th April, 2016 – Ps Mark Brathwaite

Sabbath Nov. 28th 2015 – Ps Charles Heskey (Stewardship Day)

Sabbath June 13th 2015 – Elder Samuel Nicholas

Sabbath 22nd August 2015 – Ps Cindie Lee.  (Church Pastor)

Sabbath Dec. 6th 2014 – Pastor Kern Tobias (President of the Caribbean Union)

Sabbath Aug 6th 2014 – Elder Clifton Pryce

Sabbath June 20th 2015 – Sis Clarita Thomas (Father’s Day)

Sabbath 3rd January 2014 – Elder Burdette Martin

Sabbath 27th December 2014 – Dr Bertrand Pryce

Sabbath 30th August 2014 – Elder Ralph Warner

Sabbath Oct 11th, 2014 – Elder Randy Smith

Sabbath Nov 29th, 2014 – Elder Osbert Frederick

Sabbath Dec 13th, 2014 – Elder Samuel Nicholas

Sabbath Oct 25th, 2014 – Ps Wayne Knowles

Sabbath Sept 27th, 2014 – Ps Orville Joseph

Sabbath Jan 24th, 2015- Elder George Long

Sabbath Jan 31st 2014 – Pastor Orville Joseph


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