History of Our Church

The Old Road Seventh-day Adventist Church came through divine inspiration by five (5) members in the year 1917 after a crusade by Pastor Wellman for 12 weeks. Shortly after the crusade, the house of Thomas Lewis, better known as ‘Papa Tommy’, situated on Grace Bay Hill in Old Road, was used as a church. In the year 1918, Elder Smith, a visiting minister from Montserrat, held revival services for two (2) weeks. At the end of the services eleven (11) souls were baptized, thus making the baptized membership to approximately sixteen (16).  Mr. Lewis requested for the church services to be held in another house. This caused the sixteen (16) members to find worship in the home of William Josiah better known as ‘Pappie Josiah’. However, after two (2) years the members decided that it was time to build a church.

They then received a piece of land by Mr. Drew of Brooks Estate. During 1920-1921, the members of the church started to build. The dimensions of the building were 35″ x 20″ x 20″. The church was completed within three (3) years. The church leadership of the newly built church was taken over by Mr. Abbott, a white Portuguese. The original structure of the church remained for thirty one (31) years with only one addition, and that was done in 1950 under the Pastoral leadership of O.C Walker and C. McMillan. That addition was a wing on the southern side for children.

Shortly after pastors O.C Walker and C. McMillan left, pastor J.B Mills came to the church. He conducted a crusade in which souls were won. On April 1964, Pastor Glen Roberts, who was the minister in charged of St. Johns’ Seventh Day Adventist church,  saw the need for space. Then on May 5th 1964 the church board met. The discussion was either to add to the existing building or to build a new church. A new church was voted for. The church was broken down and the workers started to work on the new building. The new church was completed in 1968 and was dedicated to the lord in June 1969 by Pastor G.R Thompson. On January 1988, the church went under renovation. It took a long time before completion because of unavailability of material and other deterrent factors, but the members held on until the church was completed.

The Old Road Seventh Day Adventist Church continues to function to proclaim the news of salvation to the community of Old Road. The church has grown rapidly over the past few years with over 200 members from when it started.  Its establishment took the dedication and perseverance from the members and the pastors who seek directly to the physical and spiritual well being of the church. – Lennie Josiah (2009)